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April 4, 2022

Congelier House

It has been called the "Most Haunted House in America" and the "House that the Devil" by the people of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania b…

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March 28, 2022

Flatwoods Monster

On September 12, 1952 a bright red orb crossed the night sky. It would lead a single mother and group of boys to investigate. T…

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March 21, 2022

Enfield Horror

In April of 1973, there would be the beginning of encounters with a bizarre creature in the small town of Enfield, Illinois. It …

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March 14, 2022

Night Marchers

Hawaii is a land of beauty, culture and history. It is also home to ghostly warriors clothed in decorated helmets and cloaks wh…

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March 7, 2022

Mid-Florida Bigfoot Research Group Interview

The best way to investigate and explore for the existence of Bigfoot is with a group of friends who bring their various skills to…

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Feb. 28, 2022

Ryan "RPG" Golembeske Interview

For most people with an interest in Bigfoot, they are aware of Ryan “RPG” Golembeske. From his work on multiple television and m…

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Feb. 21, 2022

Jack Kirby Interview - Paranormality Magazine

In today's society, it is important to reach your audience and provide them with the most up-to-date stories and interviews. Tha…

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Feb. 14, 2022

Scott Donnelly Interview

Horror has been an integral part of storytelling since the first people sat together around a fire. Scott Donnel is an author wit…

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Feb. 7, 2022

Beast of Busco

In the small town of Churubusco, Indiana exists a legendary creature swimming within the waters. This enormous snapping turtle w…

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Jan. 31, 2022

Granger Taylor Disappearance

Granger Taylor was a master mechanic who could repair and build anything. Then he decided to build a spaceship. One rainy day in…

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Jan. 24, 2022

Loren Coleman Interview

Loren Coleman is the foremost leading expert in Cryptozoology with numerous books and articles to his name. Responsible for init…

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Jan. 17, 2022

Beast Of Bray Road

Since the 1930s, the population of the Elkhorn, Wisconsin, had had reports of a wolf-like creature with the ability to walk on t…

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Jan. 10, 2022

Owlman of Cornwall

For the past century there has been a winged man-like entity haunting a small church of the English countryside. It has been des…

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Jan. 3, 2022

Haunted Savannah

Being built over the burial grounds of the Muscogee nation, Savannah has a tragic history which is reflected in the numurous loca…

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Dec. 27, 2021


In 1997 NOAA recorded a mysterious underwater sound louder than anything previously recorded. It's rhythm resembled an organic s…

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Dec. 20, 2021


Higher up in the Himalayan mountains than only the most daring of climbers can attain is a mysterious creature that walks on two …

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Dec. 13, 2021

Beyond The Woodline

Join us today for a different type of episode. Gary recently joined Joe Dehoya of Beyond the Woodline podcast for a discussion ab…

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Dec. 6, 2021

Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins

For a group of family and friends in 1955 near Kelly and Hopkinsville, they would become besieged by what UFOlogists regard as on…

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Nov. 29, 2021

Van Meter Visitor

Over the course of several nights, an eight-foot winged creature was seen by multiple distinguished representatives of Van meter,…

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Nov. 22, 2021


She calls to men who wander the nights of the Yucatan looking for drink and women. She is beautiful, with shining black hair th…

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Nov. 15, 2021

Bunny Man

It is said that if you wait beneath a particular bridge in Fairfax County, Virginia, at midnight on Halloween, you will encounter…

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Nov. 8, 2021


Ohio is among the top five states in bigfoot cases. This is thought to be because of the widespread forest areas, multiple acre…

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Nov. 1, 2021

Bloody Mary

Have you ever found yourself standing in a dark bathroom, with a single candle for illumination, you stare into the mirror and ch…

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Oct. 25, 2021

Stingy Jack and the Legends of Jack O'Lanterns

Carving funny or scarey faces into pumpkins is a tradition during the Holloween holiday. Yet, its origins and purposes go far ba…

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